Breathe –  Terrell B. (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

nAYHzdzM_400x400Well, that certainly rocks. Breathe is a weave of groove and grunt, interesting dynamic changes and relentless power seemingly forged as much from programming as playing. Not that there is anything wrong with that, after all what’s a boy to do if he would rather keep control of his music by remaining a solo concern? Use the studio as an instrument, that’s what.

Here he plays with post-hardcore melodics, old-school metal technicalities, progressive guitar work, razor wire riffery and white hot industrial edge which feels like the future of extreme rock dancing with the past post-punk attitude that saw a whole generation bend broken keyboards, early synthesisers and distorted pedal boards to their will to create the next wave of new music. 

As such it references the past whilst still striking out for a new future. It is bold and bombastic, slick and well-produced, energetic and electrifying. Rock, metal, hardcore…call it what you will, always used to be the bastion of the guitar and whilst that still sits front and central on Breathe, it is the peripheral sounds and studio technics that Terrell B. uses around it that marks this track out as a brave step into a whole new metal sub-genre and a whole new future.

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