Pop needs saving and Hajk could be just the band to do it. Pop, R&B and Indie music are all very potent forces in their own right but it seems when the modern music industry mixes them together in search of a winning formula they always end up turning those vibrant colours into a nondescript sonic shade of grey. A shade that works as the perfect, dull and perfectly dull background for songs whose agenda of dance-routines and celebrity rappers, tried and tested templates and borrowed grooves should have been discarded years ago. But discard such artists and what do you replace them with? Hajk, that’s what!

They may be working with the same individual musical hues but somehow they manage to blend something much more rewarding not to mention exciting. Their end result is a soaring and cinematic pop and a shimmering, dream-like indie slow-groove. It chimes with R&B soulfulness, a new pop inventiveness and effortless indie cool. Doesn’t that sound like a better deal? If you agree that it does then right after listening to Breathe a dozen or so times…you will, believe me…then you can pre-order the forth-coming long player Drama right here.

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