Breaking Free – Woven Green (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Learning that Jim and Ashley Cash wander any number of creative routes from multi-instrumentalists to film and audio producers and from public speakers to songwriters in their own right, explains why their music has such appeal. The same ability to explore any number of artistic disciplines seems to be echoed in the way that they approach genres, being able to hop from one to another, ignoring tradition and tribal demarcation, musically speaking, and taking the building blocks that they need where ever they may find them.

The result is a sleek and sensuous song that blends the roots vibes of folk music, just enough of a rock urge to push things along nicely and a poppy approach to catch and chorus, dynamic and danceability. As someone writing sat here in the UK’s West Country, itself a bastion of this country’s folk revival, Breaking Free sounds like something the product of this part of the world rather than their Virginia home. But that just shows you how small and wonderfully connected the world is, that Woven Green would fit right in to a summer festival slot in rural Wiltshire and that I could walk out tonight and be able to catch homegrown artist from my own patch who clearly cherish the timeless sounds of music from south of the Mason-Dixon line. The world is indeed a smaller place than it once was.

Let’s raise a glass to timeless, generically unattached, culturally ambivalent and geographically untethered music. Let’s raise a glass to Woven Green. Hurrah!

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  1. Thank you Dave for an awesome review of “Breaking Free.” We also appreciate you taking the time to learn about us, reflected in your thoughtful and eloquent words. Cheers again!

    1. I’m glad that found something that you like here, the whole point of the site is to spread the word on cool, new music, so it is nice to see that happening. They are a great band, have fun.

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