Break Free – Funky Fool Feat. Ciinderella Balthazar (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Getting away from the day to day grind through the escapism which music provides is pretty much its main reason for existence. Break Free, as the name suggests, is a celebration of such an ethic. With the buoyant beats and addictive sonics of Funky Fool’s music as a platform, the fantastically named Ciinderella Balthazar lays down some great vocals. Vocals that are both soulful and euphoric, which explode across the track as the sonic heat rises.

And the video encapsulates this idea perfectly too. A worker trapped in a menial job using music as a means to relieve the boredom and breaking free in every sense of the word, dancing his way through the working day.

The perfect blend of pop lightness and dance infectiousness. Beats pop and pound, brass stabs punctuate and power the song on and the dynamic between intimate pop lows and sky-reaching dance highs keeps the song interesting and accessible.

The charts and playlists don’t stand a chance when faced with such an addictive and euphoric track.

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