There is something gentle and understated about the music that Speak To Walls makes, something that flies in the face of modern pop’s bravado and the bombastic nature of most indie music. And it is a most welcome change of direction. We live at a time when being loud and angry seems justifiable, not just because for the last few years the world has been a tough place to be but also because music, mainstream music at least, is all about style over substance, is all about getting noticed.

Boys, from Speak To Walls‘ latest EP, is a refreshing break from such approaches. It is instead the product of simple acoustic rhythms and gentle sonic washes, for the most part, all of which are designed to create a platform for the vocals. And even when the song breaks into a crescendo of energy and euphoric beats, it does so in a tasteful way.

The track may be beholden to its production values, Josh Blythe, the man behind Speak To Walls admits to being a DIY, garage artist (literally) and so the lack of budget might explain the mixing and merging of sounds. But I would say that is the song’s strength and even if a chance to throw more money at recording came along I would advise not to change the vibe of the music. Why sound like every other indie kid or pop pretender when you can be a unique blend of subdued sonics and ambient vibes, a gentle wall of sound and a master of emotive understatement? Why indeed?

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