Cave, Waits, Cash, Campbell. These are all name that come to mind when you listen to the depth of the vocals on this record. I would definitely put Danny Kiranos (ATD) into this particular hall of fame.

Where is this person from? Could be The Med, Eastern Europe or the USA.

There is great diversity in the vocal and this is equally demonstrated by a skilful storytelling capacity. The musical arrangements add further gravitas to an already powerful and heady narrative throughout the recording. The use of strings, synths and DAWs are carefully fused to provide high drama and atmosphere while banjos, pianos and upright bass bring periodic senses of normality.

Amigo The Devil is clearly a person of the night. Each song conjures up memories of late-night drug-fueled adventures, mishaps and trails of chaos and wonderment in equal measure.

The Coen Brothers definitely need to hook up with this guy for future projects. They sound like they may have somehow got themselves separated at birth. Fargo series n+1?

It’s not all chaos and hedonism. There are moments of pure calming joy throughout. I can see ATD drawing followers from many musical genres. There really is something in here for everyone.


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