When you think of albums based around one instrument, you might immediately think of a guitar or piano, both of these instruments have a full range of notes at their disposal, tonal differences between bass and treble and with the added technology you can simply plug in, in the form of synthesizers and a library of pedals, making music becomes slightly easier. But when the instrument in question is a cello it makes Simon McCorry’s album so much more impressive.

With the help of loops and subtle effects the cello is rightly given it’s time in the spotlight and within the eight pieces of music the breadth of the instrument is explored, from the guttural bass to the joyous trebly highs, the music is played out with patience and skill.

There are hints of Vangelis’ ground-breaking Blade Runner soundtrack (particularly on ‘Spheric’) and the use of long bow strokes to accompany short warmer touches makes the music play out like a movie soundtrack.

Obviously this music isn’t for everyone, some will prefer a dance beat or vocals but that isn’t the point, this music is all about atmosphere and tone, deconstructing an orchestral instrument and reshaping it for a new style of sound. Ground breaking and astonishing.

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