Boogie Waltzer – Habitats (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

12032035_957609274284750_5663337938820400082_nI have to confess that the title of the single was enough to put me off reviewing this. Images of old school disco might be fine for some but not for me. So imagine my surprise as the song filled the air around me with a slick, pop production that sounded like Chic for the modern era. Admittedly the ghost of various late seventies club icons loom large over proceedings but essentially what you have is a template for how Radio One should sound if it stopped playing it safe and championed something built to last.

A vibrant, blissed out, summer pop sound (so why the Autumn release date?) built from danceable beats and infectious grooves. If you like the way pop sounded before it had to pander to edgy urban fashion or production line boy band automatons then catch them at one of the dates below, you will not be disappointed.

HABITATS Tour Poster - Blue

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