Remember when TV stations such as MTV and VH1 birthed the idea of 24-hour music video rotation, a whole TV network dedicated purely to music and video. Well, you are showing your age but it was a defining moment in the story of modern music. But slowly, those stations succumbed to the poisonous idea of reality TV-style segments and eventually the bubble burst. pure and perfect concept lost for ever.

Well, if you miss those days, or are perhaps too young to remember them but like the sound of such groundbreaking programming, Bongo Boy Rock ‘n’ Roll TV is your sonic white night in shining musical armour. I mean, they are here to save you.

Bongo Boy Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll TV is nothing short of the rebirth of such an idea, an unadulterated flow of the coolest music by the hottest artist of the moment. The series has been on National TV in prime time slots on terrestrial TV channels since 2011 and each episode brings the best of new music from around the world and across all genres. This show Premiered on 5th April on Channel 29 in Portland, OR USA, and was followed with heavy rotation Nationwide on 72+ TV channels in the USA.

This program kicks off with Matt B’s Gimme Love, a track that is no stranger to DAA, a cool blend of soul, dance and Afrobeat featuring the vocal talents of Eddy Kenzo. The perfect way to kick off, especially as the summer is hotting up and I write this with cool breezes and warm rays casting across my desk. Perfect timing!

GURLIK offers something altogether more rootsy, Ending Blues engages the traditions of the country-blues road-trip soundtrack but manages to take it somewhere new. Its soft-edged synths cut through with slashes of electronic effect are the perfect blend of old-school tradition, jazz-infused invention and cutting edge, forward-thinking.

Gigantesco is a gorgeous slice of euphoric, clubland Euro-pop from Combine-Music featuring Thiunife and immediately makes you think of Ibizan nights and Medeterrainan dancefloors…I’m perhaps not the target audience, those days are far behind me but even I feel like throwing a change of clothes and some suntan lotion into a bag and heading to the airport on the chance of the last-minute flight!

Greg Hoy & The Boys’ Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell is a slow, sensual and sultry slice of roots pop-blues and Leave The Key is a cool blend of punky alt-rock, melodic hardcore and monster metal riffs, if you like rock music in all its forms, you will find it hard to think of an angle that Julius Sumner Miller doesn’t have covered.

The off-beat, leftfield, alt-pop comes courtesy of Chaz Kiss, a hyper-real, neon pop princess for the modern age and walking the fine line between urban cool and mainstream commerciality is Angelo B’s Hope(ish). Things round off with Remnant from Ignescent, and a slightly goth-metal, post-punk, snarling beast of a track, it would seem alt-everything is back on the menu.

As always, it is an unmissable program of the best new music around. Miss this and I have no idea what it is you are going to talk about when you discerning movers and shakers get together and compare notes. Follow BongoBoy’s lead when it comes to new music, anything else is so last month!

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  1. […] Bongo Boy seem to be cornering two powerful markets of late. Firstly, through their widely broadcast TV shows, they are bringing back the early days of MTV for a modern audience. And then there is their exceptional range of compilation albums which, like the TV shows, bring together the great and good of the modern grassroots scene. Essentially, if you want to know who is going to be the next big thing, the artist who is going to move from the ranks of emerging artists into the world of the going concerns, you can guarentee that Bongo Boy Records or TV have already featured them. That’s how good they are at spotting a winner. […]

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