Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino – The Gorstey Lea Street Choir (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Referencing any number of points past, from trippy, sixties psychedelia to post-punk, from power-pop poise to shimmering shoegaze haze, Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino is an unusual beast. To stomp around to a strange 6/8 groove doesn’t seem to be the most obvious way to ingratiate yourself to the pop picker of today, but it is exactly the fact that the song doesn’t conform to modern expectations that make it stand out. Or put in real-world terms, why let yourself get chatted up at a bar by a stream of everyday chancers when you could be having a deep and meaningful conversation with the mysterious stranger in the corner.

Not that anyone can remember how socialising works anymore, so that might not be quite the right analogy.

Let’s put it another way.

It’s a killer pop song. Not in the conventional sense but then playing by the rules seems to be a thing of the past after the year that we’ve had. But then I suspect that the wonderfully named The Gorstey Lea Street Choir hasn’t ever really concerned themselves with such matters of conformity, fad or fashion.

So to recap…odd and off-beat, unique and strangely addictive, adventurous and a little bit awesome. Buy it, it’ll change your life. Possibly.

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