Blue World Remix – Figure Walking (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We hear so many artists…or more probably their massed ranks of marketing people…announcing that they have just released the “soundtrack to the summer” and you just know that it is going to be some vacuous piece of pop-pap or saccharine laced, dire-dance. But what if your summer is more interesting than just gatherings and parties inspired by bland TV shows such as Love Island? What if you actually have an interesting life? Surely you need an interesting soundtrack to go with it. Fear not, here comes one now!

Figure Walking’s bitter sweet anthem inspired by intelligent angst has been out in the world in it’s original form for a few months now as one of the songs on the bands debut album The Big Other, but this reworking takes it to new sonic heights. Here producer Richard Hartline and the mood-rockers Tulipomania have teamed up to pay tribute to the song by exploring what other musical potentials lay hidden in the songs DNA.

And the result is a wonderful juxtaposition of industrial drive and soaring euphoria, regimented beats forming, not to mention sounding like, a musical vehicle which is used to deliver layers of shimmering washes, chiming sonics and heavenly harmonies. 

Some re-mixes are just an obvious cash in, a way of getting the same punter to purchase the same track twice without much variation for their money. This new remix of Blue World is the exact opposite of such a sad and cynical state of affairs. A from the heart homage to the song’s original creativity and exploratory spirit, a homage to a band making music for all the right reasons, a chance to mine a rich musical furrow and present new found treasures from the tracks hidden depths. That’s the whole point of making music isn’t it?

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