Blue Sky Kiss – Gregory Suarez (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop music, by its broadest definition, is easily accessible, infectious and of mass appeal. All the things that make it, well, popular. By those criteria, Blue Sky Kiss is certainly pop music. But pop music gets a bit of a raw deal in the modern age, just the phrase conjures images dance routines, of guest rappers, slinky outfits and industry sanctioned gimmicks. And by that definition this isn’t pop music. So which is it? Both? Neither? Ahh…who cares about genres and labels anyway?

What Blue Sky Kiss is a neat little song, one that grooves along on a mid-pace beat, is easy on the ear (not the same as “easy listening”) and certainly has mass appeal. I’m not sure where this sits in the release schedule of the forthcoming album Around The World, I may have a previous incendiary rocker or a high-octane dance single that acted as the opening salvo. But even if this is the first teaser for the long player to come, it is certainly intriguing enough to make me want to check out what else graces its digital hinterland. 

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