Music is sometimes about escapism but othe  times it is the perfect focal point to raise awareness. With successive creatives joining the ranks wanting to be heard and share their concerns for their community, their country, their planet, art in general and music in particular, has something to say again. Okay, we had punk and hip-hop and a number of other genres telling us that things need to change. But whereas they seemed to be rallying against vague enemies, this time the purposes are more clear cut. And this time they are offering solutions with a bit more depth.

As an Greenpeace activist it is only natural that Macaco is going to add his voice to the growing choir of constructive discontent and spread the word that we are destroying the only planet that we have ever called home.

Musically it is a gentled flowing, modern folk tune, one built on lullaby qualities and easy accessibility but it carries hidden depths and in those depths is a plea for change, a request that we change our ways, a prayer for the future. Sometimes it is the simplest and most gentle of songs which are able to carry the most important messages. This is one of those times.

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