Wearing as many metaphorical hats as he does literal, Jeremy Dion is both busy and millinophilically (that’s a word, right?) stylish. And his music is fairly dapper too, a jaunty blend of upbeat acoustica and, warm and welcoming, folky vibes. What makes it stand out is that although on the surface the music seems fairly traditional and familiar, re-tune your ear to its hidden depths and you will hear all manner of ornate wonders and intricate acoustic charm.

As the surface guitar rhythms seem to run along in the usual horizontal waves, dancing across the surface of the song, around, through it and below it is a weave of gorgeously ornate spirals and runs, guitar charms and mandolin chimes additional motifs and elegant acoustic inclusions.

In it, you can hear touchstones old and new from John Denver’s sweet melodies to David Gray’s engaging lyricism, folk giants past to latterday troubadours.

As a song it isn’t going to change your life, then again it isn’t supposed to…what song does…but it will put a smile on your face and brighten your day and, to be honest, I think that is enough to ask of any song, dontcha think?

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