Based on just the opening track, Comin’ Round, I was about to say that Slide Milligan makes music which feels quintessentially American. And he does, but it came as a surprise to find that he is the product of rural Australia. But then you dig a bit deeper into this cool collection of songs and you start to see that it has its own sound.

Songs such as Feelin’ Fine owe a lot more to the British post-punk sound than the traditions of the American south and Tomorrows Yesterday is dense, claustrophobic and Doorsian. Dead Man is his take on outlaw country music, dark and brooding, haunted and bleak and the title track is the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie but one perhaps called Paris, Queensland.

It’s an interesting album, one that lulls you into a false sense of security, expectation and location and then shatters each one song at a time. I like it when music can take your own assumptions and knock ’em for six!

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