It’s been a while since Joshua Ketchmark has passed by my pen, my fault not his. But I do remember being impressed with Her Voice In My Head a few years ago, but then anything that seemed to straddle, cowboy country songs, it’s more alternative younger sibling and the fringes of full-blown rock and roll in the same way that Ryan Adams did, was always going to be a winner in my book.

So a new, full-length album, Blood, is most welcome. If only for the lead single, Covered In Blood, a real foot on the monitor, country-rock groover, it would be worth picking up. But the is much more going on here. All I See has that beguiling blend of American rock and new wave that defined Tom Petty’s breakthrough period, Casual Subtleties is soft, subdued and heart-felt and Crossbone is slow-burning and built of epic proportions.

The single might get you here but there is so much more going on than even that great sonic statement suggests.

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