Some things you never tire of. Aviator shades, good manners, great cheese, Zooey Deschanel  and groovesome bluesy, rock and roll. Okay, Blind Side might not exactly be running with current fad or fashion but that’s the point isn’t it? Some things don’t have to worry about which way the Zeit is Geisting, some things just do their own thing regardless. Why? Because they are classics. The sound on the latest release from the bizarrely named Planet Peacock falls into that territory.

It sits on that late 60’s cusp, where blues, and rock and roll had joined forces to create what would simply be called rock, it links the likes of Free and The Allman Brothers with their successors, such as The Black Keys, it grooves and swaggers and it carries the message. The message is that no matter what the sonic winds blow into the public consciousness, such great music needs to be kept safe to be discovered anew when people have grown tired of wailing TV starlets, mumbling rappers and rock bands more interested in their complicated haircut than their song crafting skills. Blind Side is a reminder that such music might go out of fashion from time to time but it never actually goes away. Think of Planet Peacock as not just a neat little rock band but also as custodians of a sacred sonic flame. A damned groove some flame at that!

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