What separates metal from plain, old, work-a-day rock music is often less to do with the technicalities of what is being played and more to do with the scope of the vision the band employs. Whereas rock has always revelled in industrial strength riffs, thunderous back beat, soaring vocals and coiled and claustrophobic textures, metal has the ability to take this to another level. Blacklight Invasion is the perfect example of this.

Why be merely heavy and swaggering when you can be dramatic to the point of epic? Why be heavy when you can be sonic gods of thunder? Why be merely cool when you can be mystical and otherworldly? Why just grunt and groove when you can build worlds? And perhaps destroy them too.

Sepsiss take all of these heightened elements and channel them through their music weaving together a phantasmagoria of dark passions and cavernous sounds, jagged, scything riffs and tectonic beats, soaring vocals and diabolical growls. But, as the, not so old, adage states – either go big or go home. This is the sound of a band going big. Not just big, gargantuan.

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