Bitcoin Billionaire – David Longoria (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The perfect modern take on the old-school, crooner sound being reinvented for the modern, digital world, David Longoria offers us the sassy and sumptuous Bitcoin Billionaire. Musically it tips its hat, probably a natty fedora, to the jazz lounge singing icons of old and lyrically it speaks of the modern financial markets which, let’s face it, few of us understands. But if the thought of Sinatra exuding his playboy lifestyle of the swinging sixties via his music, David Longoria is just as authentic and also perfectly in step with the world that we find ourselves in today.

It is a gorgeous slice of big band groove, horns pop and piroette, brass bounces and breezes, drums dramatise, percussion punctuates and David Longoria’s voice croons and caresses and cascades, is sensational and seductive, the perfect blend of Las Vegas showman, Supper Club smash and Wall Street: The Musical!

And the perfect test of authenicity is this. Distract yourself from the lyrics for one second, ignore their obvious connection to the modern world and just listen to the music, the sentiment, the delivery. I know what you are thinking? You are thinking that this is a long lost Tony Bennett classic, right? Quite right! It passes the test with flying colours.

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