1465133_788403307853479_1675564664_nI know it is a rather clichéd thing to say, but isn’t it great when you stumble across a young, local artist who is truly doing something original and more importantly…interesting. Finding the video for My Backwards Head on the first day of the year seems like an omen for the musical potential that 2014 has to offer and certainly a great calling card for an artist whose name I had only heard in conversations along the lines of “You haven’t heard George Wilding yet, have you been off doing missionary work in darkest Peru or something?”

Everything about this video was just perfect. A subtle and chilled folk vibe accompanying a song that Nick Drake would have been proud of and a film brimming with lush modern bohemia meets dark Dickensian imagery. Never a foot put wrong. Further exploration led me to his e.p. Being Ragdollian, a wonderfully Lewis Carroll infused title that goes hand in hand with the quintessentially English sounds found within.

And if the lead song weaves pastoral imagery with insular poetry, the boy is more than a one trick pony. Elephant Man has a wonderfully timeless, Bowie does vaudeville feeling, highlighting the maturity, originality and deliberate anti fashion stance he has adopted.

As for opening number, Terrible Little Secret, again a strutting, confident number with the faintest hint of music hall sensibility about it and a lyrical eloquence and musical elegance that belies the artists tender years.

In avoiding the cliché and bandwagoning that seems to be the norm, particularly with the explosion of singer songwriters that we are experiencing at the moment, George has managed to create something that truly stands head and shoulders above the competition. If this is the musical starting point, it’s going to be a great year.

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