Found at a place where seductive soul, gentle R&B and perfect pop all wash together, Been A While is a great example of the neo-soul sound. It’s grounded in the sweet sensations of the genre’s past but is influenced by more modern sounds too, not least the ambient electronica of the digital age and some gorgeous composition and precision production.

Been A While will appeal to those who have long been soul disciples, Kazadi’s timeless and sensual vocals and the relaxed and romantic vibes being woven around it will tick a lot of boxes for those discerning music lovers. But it will also appeal to a broader and more modern music fan, from pop pickers to chilled out clubbers, from today’s R&B divas and neo-soul boys alike.

Music doesn’t have to radically reinvent itself to keep up with modern audiences, all it has to do is move with the times. and even then resistance is minimal. And that is what jp.Kazadi is doing here, it’s the sound of traditional soul music finding its place in the modern age. And it is a glorious thing to behold.

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