If this nigh superlative album is anything to go by, it’s no wonder a great many reviewers raved about their debut, Just Beyond The Shine (namely ‘sublime,’ ‘superb’ and ‘a basket of surprises’). 

Reason being, the classy Canadian duo, Peach & Quiet, aka Jonny Miller and Heather Read write and perform songs which simply sparkle with both eloquence and intelligence – the sort of which, many, if not most artists can only dream of attaining (and only then, in their flawed and wildest of dreams).

Admittedly, the cover of this twelve-track album might leave a little to be desired; but that aside, the songs and the altogether exquisite production (care of  Peach & Quiet, Steve Dawson and The Henhouse Express) more than make up for it. 

The title track ‘Beautiful Thing’ is as clearly loquaciously played and well considered as anything this side of Karl Wallinger’s World Party (which ain’t no bad thing and I kid thee not), whilst ‘Pockets Empty’ finds Read in Natalie Merchant country – another fine singer of class and utterly non-solipsistic nuance. But it’s the simply gorgeous ‘Horse and Saddle,’ that’ll no doubt trigger a further menagerie of reviewers into surely shouting from the roof-tops of a quintessential (fellow Canadian) Ray LaMontange-esque induced benevolence.


And I do mean stunning. 

It concludes with Miller courageously singing the line ‘’I think a change is due.’’


Buy this album.

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