Beat Hotel – Beat Hotel (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so kicking off the EP with Feel It is the perfect way to start. I mean, if that doesn’t get your synapses snapping along in time to its euphoric pop gloriousness, then music might not be for you. And  as that song fades out it is easy to worry that the band may have don’t that thing of front loading the album with the one obvious song, the hallmark single, and from here there might be a marked change in the quality control. We’ve all been caught out like that before, haven’t we?

Not this time. Bury It Deep blows any such concerns out of the window matching the opening salvo’s lush swathes of guitar with some chiming and quite charming, jangling pop perfection, shimmering sounds which have served music well from The Byrds to The Smiths to The Bunnymen and beyond. Beat Girl is a lovely, sentimental paean to a free spirit and Heat Light Fire is a gnashing, clashing slice of Neo-psychedelia.

When I first heard Feel It, I thought that the bands selling point was their ability to deliver a great song. I mean, it is, but after hearing this 6 track offering I realise that their most impressive trait, amongst a whole bag of impressive traits, is their songwriting. The way the craft and create, always cutting their sonic cloth with an experienced ear…which is the strangest metaphor I have ever written I suspect. Whether they are cashing the chords to maximum effect such as on Low Slung Loser or weaving strands of fragility into songs such as Daddy, I Drown, a bit of an understated masterpiece if you ask me, it is the quality of the songwriting which stands out.

If Feel It was a great appetiser, then Beat Hotel is the satisfying sonic spread that it prepared you perfectly for. Eat at the Beat Hotel, fine sonic dining if ever their was.

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