Back Into Paradise – Ben Montague (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

10982277_10153159307293789_6527914895213132415_nIt’s easy to forget when a whole music genre seems to have developed trying it’s damnedest to be Frank Turner, or failing that Oxygen Thief, that one man with a guitar does not have to result in bullish angst or political and social calls to arms. Neither does it have to follow the Damien Rice/Jake Morley model of minimalist melancholy, wistful, fragile thoughts put to music. Between the two extremes there is a whole industry built on pop aware, chart smart, accessible acoustic music and Ben Montague fits right in the heart of it.

Emotionally charged and honest but delivered in a fairly commercial package, Montague gently plucks heartstrings whilst laying out songs that have a romantic yet broad appeal. Whilst ragged-trousered rabble-rousers want to change the political landscape and late night troubadours want to break your heart, Back To Paradise is happy to chronicle the trials and tribulations of modern life, love and relationships. And that’s something we all can relate too.

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