Baby Let Me Go – Smoking Martha (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Well, that’s a side of Smoking Martha that we don’t get to hear too often. Their normal go to sonic weapons are low slung guitars firing off salvos of jagged riffs, big beats and pulsing bass lines, fist in the air stadium anthems topped off with in-your-face vocal attacks. But everyone needs a break now and again, a chance to show a different side to their character, some time to express themselves in a more thoughtful and considered way. Baby Let Me Go is all of those things and more.

They take a simple acoustic guitar driven platform and instead of layering things up with bold and bombastic musical textures, they do little more than swathe it in delicate strings – cascades of violins and brooding cellos – and this is the perfect way to deliver such a heartfelt song. Vocalist Tasha D explains that the subject matter is very personal, a “way  of  dealing  with  death  and  finally  letting  go,” and allowing the emotion and reflection in her voice to sit centre stage with little to get in the way seems to make the song as powerful as any of their more “foot on the monitor” outings.

Where there is usually power here is pure emotion, where there is impact, here is soulfulness, where there is energy, here are the last hints of anguish. This is a song about closure. And even though this is a highly personal song, one specific to those who wrote it, like any good song it universally relates. He have all loved and lost and whatever the specific circumstances we can all find something in this song which helps us deal with our own pains, our own longings, our losses and unrequited loves and the brilliance of Baby Let Me Go  is that it may have been written as Tasha’s song, as Smoking Martha’s song, but as soon as it is put out into the world it becomes your song, my song, our song…everybody’s song.

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