This latest release from the always busy, always creative JD Days, is the perfect blend of soul and pop, both genres contrasting, complimenting and colliding with each other in the most creative of ways. If underneath the surface, the song is a cool pop-rock groover, one that even without any adornment would be infectious enough, it is the addition of the brass section which really pushes it into a whole other realm.

And that realm is one where soul eclipses rock and turns pop into something more seductive. The brass attacks are gentle yet brilliantly effective, dancing across the grooving guitars and the buoyant beats and finally giving way for a short, sharp and shockingly cool guitar break. And then, just when you think that the brass players have earned their money and could be forgiven for packing up and heading home, as a response to the guitar’s call, a sonic answering, if you like, comes in an almost Mariachi trumpet break, as brilliant as it is unexpected.

Is there no sound that JD Days can’t turn his hand to and really make his own? On the evidence so far, it would seem not!

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