11102962_929269977124189_2726214974406720768_nAs the initial release from the new Lighterthief record label and as the first musical outing by newcomer Ruby Confue, Baby 126 is one hell of a statement of intent. Mixing commerciality with creativity it hopefully shows a jaded and formulaic music industry that the two are not mutually exclusive, they never have been, but maybe this video is a timely reminder of the fact.

Ruby Confue describes her world as a Psychedelic Urban Circus and as soundbites go that is perfect, encapsulating the energy, drive, colour and underlying fun of the song and particularly this video that accompanies it. Many songs are difficult to classify because they are such a niche sound, Baby 126 is difficult to pin down because it crosses so many boundaries…blue eyed soul, future pop classic, breezy summer hit, theatrical hip-hop and is threaded through with lyrics that jump from thespian rap to euphoric street soul. Most artists would need a whole album to tackle such a range of themes and genres, Ruby Confue does it in under 200 seconds!

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