Awake –  Shadowfields (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What a real breath of fresh air and what a wonderful cross pollination of ideas. Awake is a deft blend of rootsy musical mechanics dressed up in gypsy vibes, Americana touches swathed in Old World glamour, and sonic body of musical integrity beating with a pop heart. It is a collection of contradictions for sure but somehow these contradictions complement rather than conflict and the end result is a wonderfully unique, genre-hopping set of ideas.

It’s almost easier to define Awake by what it isn’t. It isn’t country music but it definitely comes from the western side of the Atlantic, it isn’t quite folk music yet it is built on the same spacious, chiming musical lines, it certainly isn’t gothic but captures that same sense of theatre and drama without coming anywhere near that genres inherent cliche, it is homespun yet dressed up in classical grace, it is cultish yet commercial.

In a more discerning world this band should be able to release such a track and retire from the earnings. Sadly most people look for style over substance, not that it isn’t stylish…perhaps it’s too damn stylish, and will miss just how great this song is. I guess it just means that Shadowfields will have to keep writing songs of this calibre until the world at large catches on and that can only be a good, no, a great prospect.

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