Autonomy  –  Table Scraps (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Z10LP011 Table Scraps GUIDE ONLY position of sticker on shrink -w800-h600-508x508I guess when you get your single spun as recommend new music by Idles frontman Joe Talbot, sitting in for Steve Lamacq on 6 music, you know that you have friends in the right places. But after opening shows for the likes of The Stranglers and The Buzzcocks and finding other champions amongst the great and good of both commercial and more discerning radio, you can’t say that they haven’t earn’t such exposure.

Table Scraps make trashy garage rock meets modern day street punk, okay the punk purists still clinging to their Pistols vinyl aren’t going to fall for its contemporary charms, but this is what punk sounds like two generations on, this is the same spirit that ran through the likes of The Slits, an alternative to what was already alternative. Similarly it is two fist fulls of brash and brief alt-art-attacks, generally making their point in around three minutes or less and blending clattering grooves and choppy rhythms, aggressive and unrefined, sounding almost demo like it his era of studio possibilities and all the better for it.

And for all its belligerence, its songs are hooky and accessible, sort of anyway, songs like Sick of Me, My Obsession and Takin’ Out The Trash would be sure fire chart hits if the music industry was run by people in Johnny Thunders T-shirts and if kids still went to grassroots gigs. Sadly the battle is going to be a bit harder for bands like Table Scraps but I’m definitely rooting for them.

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