It’s been a while since I had a Screens 4 Eyes track waft my way, but as always it has been well worth the wait. And waft is the perfect word to use as their music seems to drift through the listener’s consciousness, floats around you and fogs the senses and get absorbed by osmosis rather than resorting to anything as crass as it been played at you.

A beat lays down a simple structure, a bass gently pulses, spacious and considered piano notes cascade and across this Yael Brener’s vulnerable and understated voice slowly ebbs and flows. Poignancy and impact is built as much through texture as it is volume, rising sonic haze, and additional harmonics being employed to make the song feel fuller, more complete but never more weighted or impactful.

And that is the art of what Screens 4 Eyes do. They move through their songs with grace rather than groove, with delicacy and deftness rather than directness, juggling tone and texture to great effect. And At Dawn is great, a seductive slice of dream-pop or minimalist indie reminding me at times of the glorious soundscapes that Fassine conjure and inhabit. And that is about as high an accolade that you can get as far as I am concerned.

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    • Maybe search the band name on the site, there are a number of other reviews/video links to be found. Glad you loved the single too, they are a great band.

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