As I Am is one of those songs that already sounds like a classic. A song that you have been listening to all of your life. It takes the form of a folk ballad, a bitter-sweet duet that explores love’s evolution in a long-term relationship. It begs the question, “Do you still see me just as I am, ” and makes the important point about the practicalities of life getting in the way of what sparked that initial attraction. Does love change, does it stay pure, or does it evolve? And if it evolves, is it always for the better?

It asks a lot in its uncomplicated deliveries and delicate music. Perhaps some of the biggest questions of all lay in its fragile refrain. But again, such timeless sentiments and age-old questions point to its status as a future classic.

Music is made for many reasons, but when it questions the very nature of life and love, reality and perception, it is at its most potent. And to be able to do all that with such understated music and straightforward lyrics is a real art.

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