Even in the broad realms of rock and roll, too many people are looking to create new hybrid forms, generic fusions, a post-this or a that-core to try to make out that rock music has had its day. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are people who see only two paths forward. Play the old-school nostalgia card or refashion the landscape. The Fools!

As Chris Luciani and his band Lucidity neatly prove, there is at least a third path into the future of rock. It is a path that sees the old and the new (and perhaps even Nu), the classic and the alternative, the past and the present all mixing, merging and melding into fresh and yet familiar music.

If you accept that rock music has found its perfect form, broadly speaking, then all you have to do is write great songs and put your signature spin on the template. They do this through brilliant dynamics, a slightly dystopian lyrical content and a bruised and brooding stance.

Heard it all before? I think not!

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