And the Walls Have Ears – Captain Gravitone & the String Theory Orchestra (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

With a band name and song title that both suggest something out of the ordinary, all you can do is hit the play button with thoughts of such bands as Hawkwind and their many spin-offs running through your head and brace for impact. And the impact is perhaps not quite the jolt that you might expect. Yes, it’s wonderfully off-kilter and outside the box, but not as wacky and sudden as you may have been preparing for.

What comes back at you is a strange blend of Waitsian vocals put to the sort of folk meets gypsy jazz jive that Gogol Bordello would sell their purple clad, immigrant punk souls for, only less raucous, more…well, sophisticated but in a very non-conformist sort of way. They then decorate this strange and delicious sonic groove with country banjo, waltzing violins and fluttering flutes to really put their own unique stamp on things. 

Imagine an after party at the most avant-garde music award ceremony going, one where bands and artists from across the spectrum have a drunken jam with no egos or generic allegiance and you start to get an idea of what we have here. That might not sound much in the way of a description but some music you can only understand by getting your feet wet, as the saying goes. If you want to know more then buy A Universe Parallel To Our Own, the album that this song calls home, and dive right in. It’s the only way really!

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