When two Argentines met at a party and pledged to make music together, the Liam Canet Leiva began. And So It Begins is that idea coming to fruition and is a gorgeous collection of late-night jazz piano sounds and emotive blues guitar.

It sometimes leans one way or the other, as displayed on the two opening tracks. Boston sounds like a jazz bar serenade being played in an empty room after the patrons have all made their way home, whilst I’ll Catch You If You Fall takes a more country blues balladeering form.

And from here, they walk a line between the two and explore plenty of territory outside those two traditions. Yepeto, for example, is a more ambient electronic experiment. Directed By feels like something that Randy Newman might have come up with, and Tsunami is the sort of lively, west-coast jazz-rock that leads slightly into Steely Dan territory.

It’s a great album, one that covers a lot of sounds, scenes and styles. You should buy it!

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