There is something cool, odd, and oddly cool about the way Ancient Alibi kicks off, the piano line closely matching the beat behind it – meaning that the rhythm, melody, and beat all seem to merge into one. It shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. If this is hip-hop, and all indications suggest that it is, it is a new form of the more established way of doing things, a new approach, even a new pathway, and the first to beat a path through such musical pastures.

Akif Daboor also offers some new lyrical direction. Unlike many competitors who tend to see themselves as the underdogs, the victims of the hustle of the streets, Ancient Alibi comes from a much more positive place. It is still full of the spirit of self-belief and driving your own life down the path you have chosen, but it also acknowledges that you get there through determination and hard work.

Positive rap and life-affirming rhyme…that’s where it’s at!

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