Anchor – My Politic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

my-politic-anchorTo this uneducated Brit, My Politic sounds like Nashville. Not the clichéd, line-dancing, rhinestoned commercial end of things, but a cooler, understated underground that is all about the song rather than the show. This is music that comes from the corner of a dark, smoky bar the hangout of regular people taking a break from the working week and with the ghost of Townes Van Zant and Gram Parsons looming large.

There is a raw honesty and everyday charm to the songs, the soul searching of the man in the street and a coming to terms with the simple realities about the way the world works. Forget the false glamour being peddled across the Cumberland River, this is the heart of American tradition, the soul of American music, something that stands on its own too feet just through its openness and honesty and understated charm.

Musically restrained, emotional eloquent and instantly accessible. The South’s answer to NYC’s Simon and Garfunkel perhaps, the same depth and resonance, the same inherent beauty, just a different setting.

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