In the past, Sean Shiff has brought us some music that was both widely accessible and gently political. The fact that he peddles non-partisan ideas and politics with a small “p,” is what makes it so broadly appealing, in fact, it is more the sound of a moral social compass pointing in a direction that might help us find our way back on the path again, than anything more demanding.

This time out, however, he aims more for nostalgia, and An Old Familiar Tune is a heart-warming song of remembrance, I think, a song about happier times and the people who made it so, a toast to those who make our lives richer and those who have gone before and perhaps too soon, all put to a sweet and soothing country-folk lilt.

It’s a great song, it seems to dance before the listener’s ears in a slow sashay or gentle waltz, it is poetic and polished, it is warm and reflective, it tells of better times and hopefully suggests the creating of new memories that can be added to that collection of such fond recollections. It’s simply delivered but that is to understate just how well written it actually is. Like all great songs, those simple sentiments are only the surface sheen that hides plenty of hidden sonic depths.

After delivering a number of songs with himself at the helm, Sean Shiff has settled into the role of writer, producer, sonic manager and now farms out the vocal and instrumental duties, hence the new title of The Sean Shiff Project. So if you like the song, and why wouldn’t you, and feel like you might want to get involved, why not get in touch with him, you never know, you might find yourself fronting the next release.

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