Amoeba Teen are from Stourbridge. Although that’s probably not relevant.

Amoeba Teen features ten new songs, including the single “New Material World”. The band are Mark Britton and Mike Turner, who sing and play guitars, Carl Bayliss on drums and more vocals, and bassist Simon Muttitt.

They’ve got a singing drummer. Or at least a drummer who sings. They can be the best bands. The ones with singing drummers. And they paraphrase the theme to Steptoe and Son on (Coming On) Stronger, which isn’t on this album but check it out as well if you need any more after this.

We start off with “Mainstream”. It’s all White Album grandeur, then Godley and Crème kidnap The Spiders From Mars, and we’re off. I hope this band wears platform boots whenever they play this live. Maybe they do?

“Just That Not Into You” and “A New Material World” are two of those gorgeous power pop songs that belong on soundtracks. Teen beach movies. With sharks. Or The Breakfast Club. That sort of thing.

“A Good Reason Why” is possibly a great song. Although, it’s got so many crescendos and build-ups that I’m surprised it doesn’t levitate. Maybe it does. That would be a thing. “We choose to stay together, we choose to stay” they sing. All rolling rr’s reminding me of Mr. Partridge and chums who didn’t choose to stay together so perhaps they could be persuaded to reunite and record this song for charity when it’s national irony week.

“January” is a song to smile along to. Try it. See. The Teens sound like the Beach Boys if they had come from Didcot on this one. It’s got a great chorus and a wonderful yacht Rock guitar solo. It’s refreshing when you’re not tied to any particular past. Or hung up on it.

“Barlight Crawl” starts like a greasy T.Rex might sound without make-up. The lyrics seemed to contain the words “Getting Biblical”, “Menthonal and” “Get It Up” in the same sentence, so, as I was outside the pentangle, I thought it was best to just concentrate on the guitars and try to nod my head in time to the drums.

“Melody Told You” sounds like a deconstructed track from Abbey Road. Or the bastard offspring of a coupling between Queen and 10CC.

Listening to “Putting The Kids Through College” reminded me of Big Stir Records. I don’t know why. But coincidentally, Amoeba Teen are with Big Stir Records. Big Stir Records has a great roster. It’s still niche enough to collect the lot. It’s worth it. Anyway, we close with “King Of The Cut”.

This is one of those big songs. Think an anthemic blend of Neil Young and Pink Floyd with lyrics by Ray Davies. Although about 4.05 mins into this track, something unnerving happens. I’ll leave it to you to find that little monkey.

You can have a very good time indeed to this album. Give it a try.

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