I’ve always said that I’m not really that bothered about the more technical aspects of production and finesse when it comes to reviews, preferring to look beyond that and explore the song on offer. But I have to start by saying, come on, is this really the version of yourself that you want to put out into the world? Clearly a demo, clearly sparsely mixed…if at all, clearly filmed with a camera phone, clearly not really what you want to be sending to a site which will review it and put it on public display.

Or it’s an exceedingly brave, work in progress, warts and all, testing of the waters? Someone who isn’t afraid to show their musical workings out and do their growing up in public? Hmmm.

So even though it is hard to make out much of the lyrics and the balance of the mix of sounds is shaky to say the least, you can tell that this is no mere bunch of chancers happy to just be making a racket, there is a deftness and experience on display which belies the raggedy nature of proceedings. There is something of a Randy Newman vibe hanging over the song, although it is clearly more heartfelt than humorous, and you can see the seed of something rather good coming together here. But until a proper mix allows the listener the chance to hear the dynamics, the layering of instrumentation and music textures which are just itching to get out I’d suggest you head to any one of his other musical outlets for a clearer picture of Peter Dizozza’s work.










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