All The Fine Ladies (Live At South Beach) –  Go Go Satish (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

iuWe already know that Satish can deliver the goods in the studio, La Reina Cubana put any doubts to rest with its blend of hip-hop rhythms and Latin sass, lyrical salvos and infectious grooves. But for many the test comes with the live performance, this is after all music whose disparate threads were found on the street corners of South Bronx, Caribbean dancehalls and South American carnivals, backstreet celebrations and DIY party gatherings. It existed in a live setting long before it got anywhere near a studio.

This time around we get to experience Satish, here using his alias of Satish Dat Beast, playing the modern descendant of those past party scenes, a live rooftop performance delivered with his trademark verve and vigour. A far cry from the current wave of bedroom rap mumblers claiming hip-hop heritage but essentially welding outdated cliches to the same electronica backing tracks, Satish proves that he can deliver it live too. This is hip-hop remembering where it comes from and embracing the future, the latin groove being up-dated for an up-town, up-scale, urban audience. A celebration of the fairer sex and a damn good tune that gets people moving and proving once again that Satish is just the man for the job.

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