Seemingly woven out of disembodied vocals and buoyant bass samples, skittering beats and off-beat electronica, All Night Long is the sound of laid-back, future dance writ large. Its grooves are wilfully lazy, its beats suitably languid and everything about it runs on a sort of contemporary nonchalance. Even when Ed.1t thread some distant guitar squalls through the proceedings, they seem not to break into a sweat.

It is dance music but it doesn’t concern itself with the club floor frenzy which marks out the competition. Instead Ed.1t prefer to make music that swaggers and struts, which is knowingly cool and brilliantly understated and which moves with a confidence that comes from being sure in the fact that it has already turned heads and grabbed your attention.

The dancefloor might be the place where everyone goes to make their moves and show off but the chill-out room is the place where you find people who seem effortlessly cool without having to do anything at all. This is the soundtrack to that room.

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