All Dawgs Go To Heaven –  Fingertrick (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In this age where everyone is looking for their own musical angle that some bands haven’t forgotten the law known as Occam’s Razor. This philosophical idea states that the least convoluted answer to a problem is usually the correct one. The “less is more” of the academic world. But it is an idea that has always held true in music and Fingertrick are aware that despite the almost infinite possibilities for musical fusions, fads and fashion, not to mention the wealth of technology available to the artist and the demise of tribalistic demarcations, that you can’t beat a slice of honest, foot-on-the-monitor rock and roll. And that is exactly what they serve up here.

From Zeppelin to The Foo Fighters, The Stones to Van Halen there is a reason why decades down the line bands are still following where those icons led…because such music, when done well, is yet to be beaten. Okay, we have heard it before but the fact that as a collective audience we are yet to tire of that cool sound shows just how well crafted such music was in the first place. And now you can add Fingertrick to the list of bands who can pull off the signature, low-slung, hard driven, sleazy rock and roll sound. Why seek out new sonic playgrounds when there is still so much to re-explore in the old one?

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  1. I know the band Fingertrick very well. I call them millennial rock which I think fits them perfectly. The young vibe of emotional comes out in their music and lyrics. They are true poets, musicians, TRUE ARTISTS!!!
    The lead, Chris Pietrangelo is probably one of the best vocalists to ever come out of Memphis, TN. His wide vocal strength is apparent in every song he performs.
    This is a band to be taken seriously. It WILL go places. Just watch!!!!

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