Airbnb – Johnny Gas (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The tale of star-crossed lovers is as old as love itself, one which is always relevant, one which is constantly being reinvented with each passing generation. Johnny Gas updates this Romeo and Juliet style narrative with Airbnb, the story of occasional lovers who keep meeting up and moving on as their lives take them across the globe.

This gentle Hip-hop infused, slow and sultry groover is the ultimate in chilled pop, driven on lazy grooves and spacious beats, deft and chiming Spanish guitars and Johnny Gas’ own honeyed and understated vocals. 

It’s the modern take on the classic love scene, Juliet on her balcony, Roxanne being serenaded by her would-be suitors sweet words, but here the setting is brought right up to date, chance meetings on international flights, the heat and hedonism of uptown nightclubs and that titular airbnb. Whatever the setting, it is a story which is part of every culture and every age, and one that, thanks to artists like Johnny Gas, isn’t going away any time soon.

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