Ain’t a Fool – Frisky the Rapper (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

A lot of rap music seems to follow the same sonic lines. Trap beat. Wobbly middle ground electronica. Mumbled and indistinct lyrics to top it off. You get so used to cuing up a track, dropping the digital needle, as it where, and then hearing the same old sounds coming back at you. And that’s why Ain’t a Fool is such a revelation.

A fluid and fluent Spanish Guitar and confident beat provide the driving force here and each element which is added on top of that feels like a clever musical choice on the part of Frisky the Rapper. The deftness and dexterity of his vocals, the gentle and soulful additional harmonies, the sparing swathes of rock guitar, the perfectly positioned peripheral sounds, it’s all exactly the right sound in the right place. 

Hopefully other rappers and hip-hoppers, R&B groovers and urban popsters will hear this song and realise that they don’t have to stick to using the same templates, that wandering further off the beaten track will actually reap unexpected results. Fingers crossed. Ain’t a Fool is not only a great track it is hopefully an inspiration to other artists vying for a similar market. How cool is that?

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