A Thousand Times Before – Goodbye Labrador

goodbye-labradorLong distance relationships are pretty hard to work with, more so if that relationship happens to be based around being in a band. The fact is probably crucial in the fact that in their four years together, this is only Goodbye, Labrador’s second e.p. Rooted and more often rootless across three countries and two continents, the process of being in a band must add no end of complications, so the fact that A Thousand Times Before is such a great musical offspring of these complications must be something that makes it all seem worthwhile.


The band seems to exist in a shimmering, chilled out post rock, dream pop state where clean limbed guitar lines leave lots of room for driving post-punk bass to make its presence felt; uncomplicated and very much to the point. Guitars chime rather than howl, choruses soar rather than shout and the vocals have a lovely European twang, which makes for a refreshing change from faux Americana vocalisations of past fashions. The perfect balance of power and poise.


Indeed, there are times when all off this coalesces into something very familiar to the point where tracks like Embrace the Stranger sound like Aussie neo-psychedelic popsters, The Church, which is absolutely fine by me.


As a calling card or statement of intent, this is a memorable outing, all they need to do is up their work rate, an albums worth of such material is a prospect I for one, look forward too.

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