As the world navigates its way out of lockdown and social isolation, Gary Pratt offers us the perfect anthem for this gradual return to normality. When many other musicians are still dwelling on the past, trying to make some sense of the tangled web of emotions and politics that has dominated the last 18 months, he instead just looks towards a simpler, happier future.

The song may not have been written with that scenario in mind, its lyrics suggest that it is about grabbing a beer, and listening to a band or a jukebox record at the end of a long working week, but like all great songs, it is a versatile beast.

And it takes the form of a groovesome country/rock crossover, blending the style and sentiment of the former, the drive and energy of the latter and in doing so finding the perfect sweet spot between the two genres. It is also worth noting just how great Gary Pratt‘s voice is, again perfect for the nuance of country music and the noise of the rock and roll form.

The track comes from his recent album, Something Worth Remembering, a collection of self-penned songs and those written by the great and good of the Nashville songwriting community.

Whatever your need to celebrate and let off some steam, A Song You Can Drink A Beer To is nothing less than the perfect end of shift, last day in town, the weekend starts here, anthem. Joyous, infectious and honest, everything that you might expect from someone who grew up in a small, Pennsylvanian coal mining town.

His music may benefit from the talents of the bright lights of Music City but he certainly hasn’t forgotten where he comes from.

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    • Hi Gary, glad you liked what I wrote, its always nice to be told that you are on the right track when trying to put a song into words, so thanks. Keep up the great work and I hope that more of your music comes my way in the future.

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