A Song in Latin . . . A Song in Hindi . . . –  Short-Haired Domestic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

A Song in Latin . . . –  Short-Haired Domestic (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There are a few names which when spotted in blurb or bio, print or press, you are immediately compelled to explore the reason for their mention. We all have our own iconic beacons of creativity to admire, and on my own personal radar the name Tim Friese-Greene always bleeps resoundingly. As the unofficial member and producer of Talk Talk, he was responsible for the bands “unerring sense of atmosphere and nuance” and his work with the likes of Catherine Wheel, Lush, Thomas Dolby, and Sidi Bou Said showed that he could turn his hand to anything and everything.

After releasing work under his own name as well as using the moniker Heligoland, he has now teamed up with songwriter, musician and most importantly, wife, Lee as Short-Haired Domestic. And even though they have chosen a slow funk groove and sultry pop melodies to drive this, their first calling card for an album to come, of course, there is more than meets the ear at work here.

As the title of this first brace of tracks hints, the eponymous album to follow will feature songs sung each in a different language, a process which Lee attributes more to mimicry than her linguistic skills. A Song in Latin About The Importance of Comfortable Shoes, to give this opening salvo its full and fantastic title, is a glorious assemblage of loops and beats, samples and synths, funk grooves and easy pop-grace. A Song in Hindi for Insomniacs is a strange blend of soothing, alternative east meets warped-dance west, chirpy and charming, intriguing and inventive.

If the combination of the duo’s individual body of work to date coupled with the concept of a multi-lingual pop album isn’t enough to whet your funky-pop whistle then that is music’s loss and otolaryngology’s gain.

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