With the new album Coyote along in a few month and a flurry of singles, including the current “HEY YA’LL,” scheduled to prepare the way, it felt like the perfect time to sit down and talk with Douglas Wayne about his musical journey, the way that he comments on the world around him through his music, environmentalism, recording an album in a locked down world and everything in between.

Can we start with a bit of background, tell me a little bit about your route that brought you to where you find yourself today, musically speaking, and specifically what brought you to Nashville?

DW: I played a show at dearly departed Iota in ArlingtonVA way back in 2004 (!). It went well and I even got a favorable mention in the Washington Post. Hanging out at the bar after the show I got quite a few positive comments on my songwriting. And I thought: go to Nashville.

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