DPAfter recently tipping our enquiring toe into the sonic waters of X House Music, we sat down with main man Cory Peterson to find out what is going on within the brand name and where it all heads next.

DAA : X House Music seems to combine a lot of roles, a showcase platform, a collaborative creative space, a remix function, how would you describe where you fit into to the music industry?

CP : Dave, I fit with my favourite Music Artists who can’t help but put a thumping, gleeful, unconstrained beat and synth line in every song they touch. I belong up on stage with Tiesto, David Guetta, Diplo, Galantis, Morgan Page, honoring Aviici and the list goes on. I created original songs with great beats in hopes to step into the music Industry and step out on main stages all over the world. Enjoying music with other music lovers. To look across a crowd and have the listeners sing along and dance with me, would be ultimate.

DAA :  Along side a body of work that is largely about cutting edge House music and Dance remixes, you also venture into the Country genre, I take it you have a wide musical appreciation?

IMG_1311.jpegCP : I do have a wide musical appreciation for all genres of music. First: Country music is awesome, I mean wow; this last CMA: Reba, Dolly and Carrie at once? When I was in Germany drinking a beer at Octoberfest, one song they played in every tent (repeatedly) was John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” the tents were full of people from all over the world singing along with the German oompah bands. I swear many singers had no clue what the words meant but it didn’t matter for John Denver sang a song that made listeners happy to sing along and entertained. A country song reaching across waters, making a positive imprint all over the globe and being cheered to by thousands of raised Beer mugs. The experience was empowering. Gloria Gaynor’s “ II will survive” is another song repeatedly played in these big tents.

On the same trip, in a club they played a heartfelt rap punchline that flows into a catchy chorus. Eminem ft. Rihanna, between fun dance song Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro“ and “One More Time” by Daft Punk. I remember rocking out to these songs and many more, thinking, ‘I want to be a music artist so bad.’ I can do this. My songs “Mother Russia, XHouseMusic are my rap duets with a catchy electronic chorus songs. Surrender and Project 5 are my first dance pop songs and Almost Home and I’m Already Your Hero” are my first country songs. All Inspirations taken from my time in Germany. All inspirations from my love across all song genres.

Man, I hope some day I hear my songs being sang while traveling the globe. That would simply be humbling and validating to my.

DAA:  What artists in particular inspired you to want to work in music? Is there any one artist or moment that made you decide…I ‘m going to do that too?

IMG_1138.jpegCP: besides the artists already mentioned: David Guetta, Pitbull, any artist who has composed a range of brillant songs and who is not afraid to use another music artists vocal talent. Every time I am out dancing and I hear songs like “Wake me up” by Aviici, “Titanium or Turn me on” by David Guetta, “Timber or Hey Ma” by Pitbull and many more, I start crying. I want my songs heard so bad, I have done my best to think outside the box, I think my songs are worthy and I am destined to be up on stage. Usually my friends catch me all teary (the friends that know me well,)  and they know why I have tears in my eyes – that I am thinking about my songs. The friends who don’t know me as well, I tell them I squeezed my lime in my vodka and got it in my eye. lol.

DAA:  The music industry is a fast moving place, how do you keep up with the way it is evolving, how do you ensure that you stop one step ahead of the competition?

CP: Keep creating, keep writing and sharing songs. Be kind to people like Ellen DeGeneres says. Hopefully karma sees that I’m doing my best to be great by elevating other talented artists and listeners and by keeping my head moving forward and spreading my songs.

DAA:  Which artists out of today’s crop, perhaps competitors or even guilty pleasures, do you feel are keeping things alive and ensuring that the industry is heading in a healthy direction?

CP: I think Electronic Dj’s are really keeping the industry exciting and interesting. Galantis coming out with a song featuring Dolly Partner is pretty cool. I think all the mentioned music artists are really kicking out some entertaining songs.

DAA: Where next for X House Music…what does the future hold, what are your aspirations, perhaps dreams, for the brand?

CP: What I would give to be a headliner at Edm festivals around the world. I want to be up on stage jumping up and down in front of my deck, performing fun concerts with some killer light shows and fun videos. I want to entertain music lovers and thank my fans for their support through my performances.

The future for XHouseMusic is ready and open for collaboration with other talented artists, XHouseMusic is going to keep creating ways to get the crowds jumping up and down, moving their hips to the beat and rocking out.

Dave, music promoters like yourself are key to helping music artists like me to get their music out there and heard. I am just a dude in a sea of thousand of talented musicians. I look left, I look right and the lyrics to “Dancing on my own” by Robyn repeats in my head “I’m right over here, why can’t you see me. I’m giving it my all, I keep dancing on my own… and I will keep dancing on my own until others join me for I am destined to be great.

Thank you Dave. You are appreciated.

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