A Nostalgic Dream Captured In The Reverb We Made – Naked Animals (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

200x200-000000-80-0-0How can you not love a collection of songs whose name is longer than the music it signposts. Five songs, the most extravagant clocking in at barely two minutes and a title that even The Cocteau Twin’s would have ditched for being too weird, a sound that wanders between hazy acoustica, strange ethereal street philosophy, psychedelic coffee shop folk revivalism, alien space noise and lo-fi garage pop. Like I say, how can you not love the very essence, the total idea, the total being and mercurial nature of what this is all about?

Musically it plays through like a strange musical stream of consciousness, one track evolving into the next, one idea reinventing itself and evoking another musical thought process as an ever changing song cycle until we end up in the strange, intimate and emotive acoustic place that we started from.

It is brilliant in its strangeness, I love the fact that it wilfully avoids offering up anything remotely releasable as a single, music made for more artistic, non-commercial reasons is always the most interesting anyway. Actually this goes beyond merely interesting but instead points the way to a whole new genre of anti-pop… musical art-attack…weird-core…avant-gardening music…I really don’t know what to call it. Isn’t that great?

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